Carlsbad, California. U.S.A, August 26, 2002 – FLYIT Simulators announces FAA approval for VFR training operations in the FLYIT Professional Helicopter Simulator (PHS). Under this approval the PHS may be used in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations for:

VFR operations … PHS training time may be logged towards meeting helicopter category and class rating certification under CFR parts 61 and 141.

This is the first time that an affordable flight training system (formally called a New Technology Digital Simulation (NTDS) Flight Simulation Device) has been approved by the FAA to replace part of the expensive VFR flight time it takes to train a helicopter pilot. The FAA permits up to 7.5 hours of the 30 to 40 hours required to obtain a VFR helicopter rating to be credited by use of the Professional Helicopter Simulator.

The approval process took over a year of consultation with and evaluation by the FAA and involved multiple branches of the FAA - the National Simulator Program office; the Rotorcraft Aircraft Evaluation Group, HQ Flight Standards and HQ General Aviation and Commercial Division all participated in the evaluations. The approval took due notice of the advances in technology in computers and displays.

The PHS is already FAA approved for IFR training time credit.

“The FLYIT PHS was developed with the medium to smaller helicopter operator in mind,” said FLYIT chief executive Mike Coligny. He went on to say “The PHS is particularly effective in taking the mystery and apprehension out of helicopter flying … when a primary student enters the helicopter for the first time all his or her senses are overwhelmed … this device allows the student to learn the attributes peculiar to helicopter flying in an environment where the transfer of knowledge takes place quicker and in an absolute safety … comprehension and rate of learning are greatly improved which is a big advantage to the helicopter student pilot.”

The FLYIT Professional Helicopter Simulator is the first affordable (under $100K), full fidelity Flight Training Device (FTD), fitted with a visual system, that is available to all sizes of flight training schools as well as individual helicopter operators.

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FLYIT Gets FAA's OK for VFR Training 

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